New Copy for Affordable Automotive Repair

Not every client comes to DGR Communications looking for a new site. Sometimes the budget isn’t available, or sometimes the need is just for a website content refresh and/or tweaks to the layout.

We always do our best to work with clients if they have a certain budget in mind. That was the case for Affordable Auto Repair in Mesa.

Tim, the owner, asked us to do some content work on his existing website. He hadn’t had the website up for long so he didn’t want to start over, but he was unhappy with how the site had been left by the previous developer.

We wrote new copy and added new images the pages, and we enhanced the service listing to make it more viewer friendly. We also wrote and uploaded SEO metatags for each page and generally tidied up the four pages of this very simple. 

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What does SEO mean to you?

When talking to prospective clients we are often asked about Search Engine Optimization, and what it really involves.  Many small to medium sized business owners are aware that they should have an SEO compliant website, but aren’t really sure what that means. So let’s take a moment to clarify it for some of you.

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Search Engine Optimization

Anyone who wants their website to be noticed, and let’s face it, why bother creating a website if you don’t, needs their site to be optimized for search engines. Moving your site up the Google or Yahoo organic page listings is a not an easy task; it will take a while and it can be expensive to get to the top.

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