Website Design

Custom Website for a Custom Home Builder

Prestwick Custom Homes Old Website

When Jon & Kim Albrecht, owners of Prestwick Custom Homes, approached us in May 2018 their existing website was not doing their own work justice. The Albrechts have been building beautiful custom homes and completing wonderful remodeling work in the East Valley since 1988. Their problem was the quality of their website did not reflect the quality of their work. It could even turn potential customers away. In short, their website was doing nothing for them.

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Friends for Life

Maverick - DGR Communications mascot!Let’s start by saying that we love animals, dogs in particular are Friends for Life. We have our own rescue, a 90lb German Shepherd called Maverick who will turn 11 in June. We adopted him when he was 8 months old, just two weeks after buying our house and moving out of a rental where we weren’t allowed a dog. The timing was perfect as Maverick had just appeared on the GSD rescue website that we had been tracking…fate brought us together.

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Grow your Gilbert Business with a Better Website

web designDoes your website do your Gilbert business justice? Is your website holding you back? When people visit your company’s site, does it make a good impression on potential clients? Do people think you’re out of touch because your website is out of date? Are you missing out on leads and/or potential revenue because clients can’t navigate your website on a phone or tablet?

All these questions can be overcome by investing in a professional, credible, custom-designed website with functionality tailored to your business.

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Ecommerce Website 2.0 for Rug Street

This story starts back in October 2011, when a local company called Rug Street, based in Chandler, AZ, approached us for an ecommerce website proposal. Their brief: To redevelop their website to improve search engine performance, build the Rug Street brand, and develop the overall visitor experience.  The website needed to provide an attractive, credible and professional digital sales tool for potential customers of their niche products.

Against stiff local competition we won the project and worked on the development of the site through the first quarter of 2012. Since then the guys at Rug Street have come back to us for regular product updates, changes and enhancements. That’s a great example of our ongoing commitment at DGR to build relationships with our clients, to partner for the long term rather than a “one and done” approach that many website development companies seem to go with.

At one such product update meeting in September 2016 we suggested it was time for an update, a refresh.

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A Toilet Website that’s Pretty Good!

We just launched a website for new local business Nationwide Waste Service. The guys at NWS were referred to us by another client in January – we love referrals and we’re delighted to say that’s how we get most of our business. After giving them a detailed proposal, including helping them work out the specific functionality they would need for their site and develop a logo, we set about building a custom website that would meet their specifications for today, and their needs for future expansion once the business grows.

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Website Lifespan – Do You Need to Update Your Website?

A website lifespan is typically about 3-5 years depending on the business type. Some companies have to constantly update and refresh the design of their site to stay current, but for most small businesses you’ll find that 3 to 5 years is a good guide.

As technology and design trends change, websites have to keep up. As your business evolves over time, your objectives for your website may also shift. But more likely is the need to keep up with the competition to maintain your credibility.

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New Client Ecommerce Website – Halo Horses


DGR Communications, a website design business in Gilbert, AZ, recently launched a completely redesigned ecommerce website for Chandler equestrian boutique Halo Horses.

Owner Jacqueline Navarrete Townsend asked DGR to develop a new ecommerce website that had a modern, fashion boutique style with clean, attractive aesthetics. We also streamlined the navigation, making it easy-to-use for visitors to shop the site, enabling them to quickly find the category, product, or brand they are shopping for.

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New Client Website – Saguaro Lake Ranch Stable

Good things come to those who wait… DGR Communications, a website design company in Gilbert, AZ, originally submitted a proposal for the new Saguaro Lake Ranch Stable website in October 2014, but it was September 2015 before the client gave the go-ahead to get started!

And once we started it was a quick turnaround, as the site launched less than 6 weeks later to coincide with the start of Fall trail riding season in early October 2015. The site includes an integrated booking engine that seemlessly manages their availability and riding schedule.

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New Client Website – ArtZDoodle


ArtZDoodle owner and art teacher Para La Russa loves working with children. Her business in San Mateo, California, is an imaginative world of discovery where children can create, find inspiration, experiment, and generally make a mess as they learn about art and artists.  Para offers art lessons, art enrichment camps, birthday parties and more.

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