Custom Website for a Custom Home Builder

Prestwick Custom Homes Old Website

When Jon & Kim Albrecht, owners of Prestwick Custom Homes, approached us in May 2018 their existing website was not doing their own work justice. The Albrechts have been building beautiful custom homes and completing wonderful remodeling work in the East Valley since 1988. Their problem was the quality of their website did not reflect the quality of their work. It could even turn potential customers away. In short, their website was doing nothing for them.

We’ve said it often over the years – sometimes having a bad website can be worse for your business than having no website at all. In this instance it was true. If you’re shopping for a home builder or a contractor, don’t you want to be impressed by what you see online? If their website seems amateurish and shoddy, would you have confidence in their building/construction work? Would a company that talks about attention to detail, but has typos on their website inspire confidence in you?

Custom Website to Showcase Custom Skills

Our recommendation was to deconstruct the website and start from scratch with a new design and layout that would better showcase their services, skills, and work. The need was to create a website with a contemporary look and feel that mirrors their custom homes designs. Our goal was to build their professional credibility with their target audience, and inspire visitors to want to learn more.  We rewrote their content, made the navigation more user friendly, and used better photography.  In short, we provided a showcase worthy of their excellent work.Prestwick Custom Homes New Website

No matter your business, your website should build your credibility; it should enable your prospective customers to ‘trust’ in your ability to deliver what you promise. Shoddy workmanship on a homebuilder’s website does not do that.

Most of us are time poor; we want access to quick, succinct information that answers, in essence, three basic questions – What do these guys do? Can they solve my problem? Can I trust that they will deliver on their promises? We want to give people enough information so they can answer yes three times, and feel comfortable enough to pick up the phone/email to learn more or make an appointment.

You Can Achieve a Custom Website With WordPress

So take a look around their new custom website at built in WordPress. If you are looking to build a new home or remodel your current home in the Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Queen Creek area give Prestwick a call.  If you like the look of their website, and would like us to help you with your problem website  – contact us!