Do you know your target audience?

No matter what your type of business, when you are looking to communicate with a group of people – your target audience – you need to have an understanding of the folks that you want to attract.

In other words, the people you want to engage with your brand.  Most of the clients we meet through our website development business in Gilbert, AZ, can’t afford to spend big bucks on consumer research; so we use a combination of their ‘gut’ and our experience to develop a plan that will allow their business to meet the needs of that target group.

Once we have a better understanding of our audience and their core desire, then we can develop a website, design a logo or write copy (or all of the above!) that will resonate with that target group, positioning our client company as the one best placed to fulfill that core desire.  To help us identify with the target group of individuals, we then give them a name; it personalizes them and makes you think about ‘what makes them tick’ whenever you consider your communications.

By identifying and then attaching a personality to your target audience, it makes it easier for you to establish a dialogue with them.  We then standardize how we want the company (and therefore your brand) to be perceived by that target audience.  From there we evolve a communications platform, out of which we develop a design for your website and formulate a writing style that delivers a consistent tone of voice. And from consistency, brands evolve…

We believe our ‘brand approach’ is what sets DGR Communications apart from other Phoenix based website development companies.  If you’d like to take a more customer focused approach to the design of your next website, then give us a call and ask us about developing a ‘copy platform’ for your business.