Ecommerce Website 2.0 for Rug Street

This story starts back in October 2011, when a local company called Rug Street, based in Chandler, AZ, approached us for an ecommerce website proposal. Their brief: To redevelop their website to improve search engine performance, build the Rug Street brand, and develop the overall visitor experience.  The website needed to provide an attractive, credible and professional digital sales tool for potential customers of their niche products.

Against stiff local competition we won the project and worked on the development of the site through the first quarter of 2012. Since then the guys at Rug Street have come back to us for regular product updates, changes and enhancements. That’s a great example of our ongoing commitment at DGR to build relationships with our clients, to partner for the long term rather than a “one and done” approach that many website development companies seem to go with.

At one such product update meeting in September 2016 we suggested it was time for an update, a refresh. It had been 4+ years since the launch of the original website, and technology and design had moved on…it was time to reinvent Rug Street and their online presence.

Over the course of the following several months we developed a new site on a different server, so their current store could remain open for business.  In late April 2017, Rug Street 2.0, a mobile friendly, secure, ecommerce website, was launched.

Check it out at and call us at 480-621-5689 if you’re looking for help developing your ecommerce website.