Friends for Life

Maverick - DGR Communications mascot!Let’s start by saying that we love animals, dogs in particular are Friends for Life. We have our own rescue, a 90lb German Shepherd called Maverick who will turn 11 in June. We adopted him when he was 8 months old, just two weeks after buying our house and moving out of a rental where we weren’t allowed a dog. The timing was perfect as Maverick had just appeared on the GSD rescue website that we had been tracking…fate brought us together.

Fast forward 9+ years to when Barb Savoy, Public Relations Director at Friends for Life Animal Rescue, came to speak to the BNI East Valley Synergy networking group that Ginnie attends each week. Fate intervened again as Ginnie was moved to help Friends for Life improve their website; their old website was very much past its sell-by date shall we say! So we took them on as a pro-bono client – as we said, we are suckers for dogs!  And the volunteers at Friends for Life here in Gilbert do so much good for dogs and cats in our area.

Cats and Dogs from Friends for LifeNow admittedly the site grew, and grew, and grew from our initial expectation, but nonetheless we followed through on our promise.  We spent four or five months working with Barb, Kathy Dunham (President) and other members of the volunteer team to pull together a new mobile friendly website that we are very proud of, and that Friends for Life are very happy with. So yes, we donated several thousand dollars of our time to create this website, but to be honest, life is not all about money…sometimes it’s good to help deserving people when you can, especially fellow animal lovers!


“There are no words to describe our gratitude to Ginnie and David for bringing our web site out of the dark ages, and for patiently prodding along a busy group of volunteers, to ensure the end product was perfect and completed on time. The hundreds of comments we received from the public regarding how much they LOVE the new site, after we announced its publication are testimony to a fantastic job, well done!”  Barb Savoy, Friends For Life Animal Rescue.

We encourage you to check out the site at, and if you’re looking to get a dog or a cat in Gilbert or the East Valley, don’t go to a breeder, save a life and rescue a Friend for Life!