Know your Limitations…!

As a small business owner, I know my skill sets. I wouldn’t try to take an engine apart,  fix your teeth or even do your taxes; I know my limitations and that’s important when running your own business.  If you need a specialist skill set you hire the right person for the job – a mechanic, a dentist, an accountant, sometimes hopefully a copywriter or a web designer.

But too many small businesses try to do too much themselves, and in doing so can undo all their good work in their own specialist area. Someone once said, “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing” and that can be very true when marketing your own business.

If you’re working hard to build your brand and your business, you have to have to present your business (your brand) consistently well at every customer contact point; from the way your receptionist answers the phone, to your office or store decor, your business cards and stationery, your website, and your blogs, posts and tweets.

So examine your brand strategy, identify all your customer contact points and make sure that you’re presenting a consistent, unified front to your customers and prospects.  If you need help, then give us a call – We won’t try to pull your teeth, or fix your truck, but we’d be happy to help you sort our your website and your branding strategy…!