Much More Than ‘Just’ Web Design

When we meet with potential new clients, we often discover that many of them are looking for much more than just a new website. Depending on the maturity of their business, their needs differ. Some clients who are at the very outset of their new business adventure are looking for help developing their brand positioning; then they need a logo and brand identity that matches that positioning, and that’s before we start thinking about the website.

This project included all those elements, as well as the production of a profile video. Kerry Hale came to us via a referral, our favorite (and most common) source of new business. Kerry had just registered her new business – Caring Money Management with the state and was looking for a local team here in Gilbert that could help her bring her idea, and her passion for her business, to life.

If you’re in a similar situation with your new business and are wondering what’s involved, this is the process we went through with Kerry.

After meeting with Kerry and ascertaining her goals, we suggested a logical, phased approach…

Step 1 – Creation of a Brand Platform

CMM LogoA Brand Platform (BP) is a simple 4 or 5 page document created from a branding workshop exercise; once developed, a BP can help with all your future marketing communications, not just logo and website development. A BP standardizes the way a business communicates; it delivers and clarifies the essence of a brand personality and the way a business should communicate online and offline. These principles can also be applied to a social media strategy and the way a business engages online followers.

Once the brand platform exercise is completed, we engage our logo design partner to develop a logo using the guidelines established in the brand platform. We start with 6-9 black and white logo options, before moving on to 6-9 color options of the chosen logo design. Upon selection of final color logo, we supply the logo in different file formats to use in print, website, documents and email.

Step 3 – Website Development

Caring Money ManagementMost of us are time poor; we want access to quick, succinct information that answers, in essence, three basic questions – What do these guys do? Can they solve my problem? Can I trust that they will deliver on their promises? You want to give people enough information so they can answer yes three times, then pick up the phone, or drop you an email to discuss their problem in more detail. We design our websites in such a way that we provide quick answers to those three questions.

We believe our experience and our approach differentiates us from other website developers. Our background is in brand marketing; we have nearly 30 years experience of helping brands develop their messaging. A website is an integral part of a cohesive, coherent marketing communications plan. Unless a web developer has a clear understanding of a client’s overall marketing objectives, how can they design and build an appropriate website for the target audience?

You want your customers to trust that you will deliver what you promise. You want your customers to develop a relationship with you, to trust and believe in the products and services you offer, to make them come back again and again.  Many companies and organizations claim to have a brand, but all they have is a name, a logo and a website. Their stationery may match, but are they delivering a branded experience?

Step 4 – Video Production

For Kerry, the final step of the process was the production of a custom profile video. Once the site was nearing completion, we managed the development of the 30 second video. A video on your website can really help to engage visitors and boost search performance.

If you would like help developing your business idea please don’t hesitate to contact DGR Communications. We would be delighted to help you with the foundations of your marketing, and build a brand and a website that you can be proud of.