Copywriting Gilbert AZWords are the most powerful medium we have at our disposal. Used correctly, words have the power to engage emotions, provoke reactions, stimulate thought…and sell.  Images may capture your attention, but it is the words that close the deal…

David has been writing marketing copy for nearly 25 years. His client services background means that he can clearly understand a campaign brief and your business objective.  He understands not simply what you want from the copy, but how the copy fits with the complete project.  This is vitally important in the delivery of great copy; many copywriters have creative talent, but lack the marketing experience to know how their work fits into the bigger picture.

SEO Content

Anyone who wants their website to be noticed, and why bother creating a website if you don’t, needs their site to be optimized for search engines. Moving your website up the Google, Bing or Yahoo organic page listings is a not an easy task; it will take a while, can be expensive, and in many cases can prove impossible to get to the top as there are so many contributing factors.  But if you don’t have a big budget to pay an SEO agency big $$$ every month, then using well structured, relevant keyword-rich text based content that accurately matches a user’s search request is your next best option.

There are certain techniques that an experienced SEO copywriter can employ to get the most out of your content and give you the best bang for your copywriting buck.  But there are no performance guarantees; we won’t promise you that you’ll ‘hit the first page on Google or your money back’, as anyone who makes that promise is spinning you a line, but we will guarantee that your content will be structured and written in such a way as to give you the best possible opportunity for success.

David can rewrite content for your current site, work with you or your own website designer on new content, or David and Ginnie can work together to design, write and develop your new website from scratch.

Do you Blog?

If not, why not? It is estimated that nearly half of small business owners, that’s your competitors, will be using a blog for marketing purposes next year.  Business blogging brings transparency; it allows you to talk knowledgeably to your customers and prospects in a more casual environment about your industry and services. When written in a casual, yet passionate voice, it’s easy to engage customers and offer them an insight into the person behind the company.

What’s more, because blogs have a lot of text, offer constantly updated content, and are often link heavy, they are easily found by search engines. It’s also an easy way to bring fresh content to your website regularly without having to amend or create new pages through the CMS.

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to write a blog for your business, but you know that your business could benefit from blogging, then let us write it for you.  Call David on 480-621-5689 and we can discuss your blogging needs!

Freelance Copywriter in Gilbert AZ

If you are an agency or a business looking to hire a freelance copywriter, then give David a try.  David has experience of writing for all marketing media – optimized online copy, brochures, sales literature, direct mail, recruitment advertising (online and press), advertising, press releases, newsletters, sales promotion material.

David understands how style needs to change to suit the medium your campaign is using, all the while remembering that the overall tone of the campaign needs to remain consistent.  Able to work remotely from our office in Gilbert, or come to your offices if you are based in Phoenix or the East Valley, David is a reliable, affordable freelance copywriter.  Give David a call on 490-621-5689 or drop him an email.