Email Marketing

Email Marketing

A growing part of our business is email marketing as more businesses realize that email is still a more effective sales tool than social media; but the way your brand presents itself to your audience is critical to your success. Your message, and the way that message is delivered, are both crucial elements.

We’ve all seen too many instances of bad email marketing hit our inbox. Email marketing done badly is to the detriment of both the business and its customer base. The design and positioning of your message is one thing, but it’s the thought process and the brand strategy behind the campaign that needs to be the concrete foundation on which your future success is built. By enhancing a customer’s ‘brand experience’ from first contact all the way through the relationship, we give people the opportunity to build an affinity to your brand, therefore simplifying their choice when searching for the products/services you offer.

With all brand communication – on a website, in emails, in print – you need to foster feelings of trust and understanding at a personal level. The aim of this approach is to allow your audience to identify with you, and draw them further into the brand (website), where you can start to build a relationship based on product/service quality, your credibility and experience.  That’s why the quality of your email camapign is so important. Remember it’s so much easier to sell to existing customers, than it is to find new ones.

If you’re considering starting an email marketing campaign, give us a call.


Our email marketing and blogging services often go hand in hand. Blogs are a great way to connect with an audience; it’s also an easy way to keep your website regularly updated with fresh, searchable content. And a great destination to link to from your email campaigns.

The problem is…it takes time that many business owners just can’t find. If you can’t find the time, but believe in the value of a regular, well written, blog posts, get in touch.