Refreshing a Website

Website refresh for Guardian Realty

If a website needs care and attention but budget is a concern, refreshing a website might be an option. It’s something to think about…rather than creating a completely new website.

That’s what we recently did for Guardian Realty & Management in Phoenix. Mike & Marla Tiers wanted to enhance the design and content of their website. They also wanted to improve the potential search engine performance. Their site used a content management system that we had not worked with before – HEROPM. It’s not one that we would recommend as it’s pretty basic. However they did not want to invest in a completely new site at this time, although it is something we have recommended for the future. If you look at their site on a mobile device, the display is not ideal…but that is down to the limitations of the cms.

The first step was to rework the content using our copywriting experience to help with SEO. We imagined the visitor journey, discussed the most important features of the business and communicated the relevant benefits. We also made edits to the site navigation. Renaming ‘Sales’ to ‘Selling Your Investment Property’ and ‘Available Properties’ to ‘Homes for Rent’ made the navigation clearer for visitors. It should also improve search engine performance.

The old site did not include much imagery, so we included budget for some photo library images to help bring the site to life. More photography is to come once we have some more personalized images to use from the client. But that could be a month or a year away!

Refreshing a Website is Not Always Possible

However, depending on how your website was first produced, refreshing a website might not always be possible…or bring it up to an acceptable standard. But it’s always worth a call or an email to see what we can do…we will always give you a straight answer so contact us to see if we can help refresh your website.