Search Engine Optimization

Anyone who wants their website to be noticed, and let’s face it, why bother creating a website if you don’t, needs their site to be optimized for search engines. Moving your site up the Google or Yahoo organic page listings is a not an easy task; it will take a while and it can be expensive to get to the top.

But if you don’t have a big budget to pay an SEO agency $$$ every month, try these few tips that will help you move up the listings…

Factors which determine rankings

  • Site architecture – Search Engines need to be able to find your content in order to index it
  • Content – Relevant, keyword-rich, text based content needs to be visible, correctly structured and accurately match a users request
  • HTML compliance – Pages need to be coded correctly – meta-tags, alt tags, title tags etc and must be optimized for search engines
  • Link equity – where your site sits within the overall community

6 ways to optimize you site

  1. Identify keywords
  2. Optimize your website with well structured content
  3. Submit website to search engines and directories
  4. Build inbound links
  5. Measure search engine results and site statistics
  6. Maintain, and update your website regularly

There is a 7th option – Give us a call and we’ll take care of it for you…without the need for a big budget!