A Toilet Website that’s Pretty Good!

We just launched a website for new local business Nationwide Waste Service. The guys at NWS were referred to us by another client in January – we love referrals and we’re delighted to say that’s how we get most of our business. After giving them a detailed proposal, including helping them work out the specific functionality they would need for their site and develop a logo, we set about building a custom website that would meet their specifications for today, and their needs for future expansion once the business grows.

As we do with all our sites, we built the website using WordPress. WordPress is a free, open source content management system (CMS) that has evolved significantly from its beginnings as a blogging tool. The advantage of building a site with WordPress is that it allows designated users to manage the website pages, content and settings utilizing a bespoke training document that we create as part of our website development package.

WordPress also allows for quicker development of the site, thus lowering overall time spent building the website and the ability to easily expand a website in the future. The site was launched within about 8 weeks of the proposal being approved, just in time for the Spring/Summer porta potty season (yes there is such a thing!)

And before you ask, yes it was hard to not litter a site that is primarily about portable toilets with #2 references!  Check out the site below by clicking on the image, and contact us if you’d like us to help you transform your crappy (toilet humor) website into something shiny and beautiful!