Website Lifespan – Do You Need to Update Your Website?

A website lifespan is typically about 3-5 years depending on the business type. Some companies have to constantly update and refresh the design of their site to stay current, but for most small businesses you’ll find that 3 to 5 years is a good guide.

As technology and design trends change, websites have to keep up. As your business evolves over time, your objectives for your website may also shift. But more likely is the need to keep up with the competition to maintain your credibility.



What was ‘en vogue’ in 2010 will look outdated in 2017. A site that met your objectives in 2011 may not be doing so in 2015.  The functionality that was prohibitively expensive in 2012, may now be available for as a low-cost plug-in… ‘Responsive design’ wasn’t an issue in 2009, it’s vital now…Technology is evolving so fast these days, that it’s important to keep up.


Having been in business since December 2006, fully 6 months before the first iPhone launched (and changed the way the world communicates), we have done multiple incarnations of the same website for quite a few of our clients.  I think our record is four designs…We always enjoy having past clients come back to us because it means we did a great job the first (or second or third!) time around!

Contact us if it’s been several years since you launched your website; we’ll talk about your current objectives for the site and put together a proposal that will have your site ready for business in 2017!