Why Email Marketing Makes Sense?

Are you looking for someone to handle your email marketing?

Your database of current and/or past customers is one of your most valuable business assets. Why? Because most business types find it easier to get repeat business from existing, or even lapsed, customers than to generate new business from new customers. But did you know that more than 50% of emails are now accessed first on a mobile device?

Whether you want to reach out with a promotional discount to incentivize visits to your ecommerce website, or promote an offer for your services, or just share stories in a branded newsletter, exploiting your database with appropriate communication can be advantageous to your bottom line.

Depending on the size of your database, we can help you segment your list into different ‘buckets’ of data; this helps you communicate with certain people about certain products or services. There’s nothing that annoys people more in their inbox than irrelevant emails.

Email marketing is growing. In a 2015 survey, 60.7% of marketers said they were increasing their email marketing budgets, while 4.3% had plans to decrease spending. Even if your database isn’t large, keeping your brand front of mind with the customers you do have has a tangible value.

These are a couple of recent examples we’ve written and produced for clients. The email to the right, for Genuine Dog Gear, is more promotional in nature. Driving traffic to the website with a coupon code offer.  This email also gives the client the opportunity to introduce a few key products that are part of the offer, as well as other key information.

The email newsletter below for Carrington College directs students and graduates to the college website. We write and upload the complete blog posts and then tease them in a newsletter, encouraging readers to learn more on the stories that interest them at the school website. This is a student and graduate brand engagement exercise rather than a promotional tool.

If you’d like to talk to us about handling your email communications, please contact us for a discussion about your objectives and we’ll prepare a proposal with solutions.